Sale of packaging and packaging equipment.

Sale of packaging equipment - specialization of «ТTehPromPak» occupies a leading position among domestic suppliers of this product group. Our site allows you to view the assortment offered for sale packaging equipment, as well as to explore the detailed price list for each item. Employees «ТTehPromPak» Moscow is ready at any time to provide comprehensive assistance in the choice of machines for packaging, 100% meet your specific requirements.

Prices are in rubles, including 18% VAT


Наименование выпускаемого оборудования Цена аппарата с НДС, тыс.руб  
ТПП-100 В                        320.000 Фасовочный аппарат ТПП-100В
ТПП-100В модернизированная                        370.000        Фасовочный аппарат ТПП-100В_Модер
ТПП-100У                        410.000        Фасовочный аппарат ТПП-100У
ТПП-100П                        460.000        Фасовочный аппарат ТПП-100П
ТПП-200М                        580.000         Фасовочный аппарат ТПП-100П
ТПП-200Д                        660.000      Фасовочный аппарат ТПП-200Д
ТПП-200Т                        750.000  Фасовочный аппарат ТПП-200Т
ДВ-1                        125.000 Весовой дозатор ДВ-1


 Двухручевой весовой дозатор ДВ-2

Конвейер подающий (КП-01)                        195.000    Конвейер подающий КП-01
Конвейер отводящий(КО-01)                        75.000 Конвейер отводящий КО-01
ТПЦ-АП370                        63.000    
ТПЦ-АП370М                        93.000
ТПЦ-АП370ЭМ                        66.000    Упаковочный аппарат ТПЦ-АП370К
ТПЦ-АП370К1                        51.800    
ТПЦ-АП370Н-М                        76.500     Упаковочный аппарат ТПЦ-АП370Н-М
ТПЦ-АП200М                        46.500   Упаковочный аппарат ТПЦ-АП200М
ТПЦ-АП200Н                        21.800  Упаковочный аппарат ТПЦ-АП200Н
ТПЦ-АП450                        41.500 Упаковочный аппарат ТПЦ-450
ТПЦ-АП450Р                        47.500 Упаковочный аппарат ТПЦ-450Р
ТПЦ-АП550                        138.000     Термоусадочный аппарат ТПЦ-АП550
ТПЦ-АП550П                        242.000 Термоусадочный аппарат ТПЦ-АП550П
ТПЦ-АП550Р                        110.000
ТПЦ-АП550М                        360.000   Упаковочный аппарат ТПЦ-АП550М
ТПЦ-АП550М1                        125.000       
ТПЦ-АП550М2                        242.000
ТПЦ-АП450Н1                         18.300
ТПЦ-АП450Н2                         23.100
ТПЦ-АП550Д5                          6.500      Роликовый запайщик
ТПЦ-АП550Д6                         15.900 ТПЦ-АП550Д6
ЕКH-238                          54.000  EKH-238 
ЕКH-346                          58.500   EKH-346
ЕКH-455                          66.000  EKH-455
ЕКH-680                          92.000  EKH-680
EKL-455 MT                         198 000  EKL-455MT
EKL-455 PT                         225 000  EKL-455PT
Фасовочный аппарат АРУ-8                              -    
Фасовочный аппарат АРУ-10                              -    
Фасовочный аппарат АРУ-11                              -    
Фасовочный аппарат АРУ-12                              -     


We do not just supply packaging equipment , but also provide services for its start-up and commissioning, training and education of personnel of the enterprise client , as well as servicing our machines . The company " TehPromPak " regularly participates in thematic specialized exhibitions. This approach allows us not only to find new customers and partners, but also steadily expand its network of dealer representatives. Today our equipment for packing and is available not only in the capital but also in many other cities of the Russian Federation.

The doors of our company is always open for cooperation with new partners. We will take all steps to work together with "TehPromPak" was the most productive and beneficial to both parties. You can always contact our managers by phone or in person in the office. We are ready to answer all your many questions regarding the proposed production enterprise "TehPromPak" production.