Shrink machine tunnel type series EKL-455

Shrink machine tunnel type series EKL-455
  • Electronic control functions.
  • Ease of operation .
  • Individual conveyor with adjustable speed in the shrink tunnel and sealing area
  • Manual and mechanical closing Zapaechnye slats.
  • Electromechanical principle.
  • Fixing brackets Zapaechnye by an electromagnet
  • Automatically : Zapaechnye opening bars , welding , issuance of the packaged product .
  • Table height adjustment assembly sealing .
  • Shrinkage and temperature control in the heat tunnel sealing time .
  • Work at shrinkable polyolefin and PVC films.
  • Convenient handling the machine by equipping its legs with wheels .
EKL-455 MT

Shrink packaging line EKL-455MT, a semi-automatic machine thermopacking.

198 000 rubles
EKL-455 PT

Shrink machine EKL-455PT with pneumatic unit spikes.

225 000 rubles
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