"Siemens Finance" leasing company with foreign investments, providing effective financial solutions for the acquisition of transport, machinery and equipment.


                   Our regional network now includes 22 offices.



- Advance payment of 10%

- The decision on the transaction - from 3 working days

- The lease term – from 6 months to 5 years

- Different types of schedules of leasing payments

- Select a funding currency – rubles, dollars, euro

- Expert support of transactions from the first consultation to the completion of the contract

- No additional fees and charges for consideration of the application and the conduct of the transaction

- A profitable and interesting offers with a lower rate of appreciation from 5-12 %

- "Master leasing" - open "leasing credit line" to attract investment as required

"Siemens Finance" is a structural subdivision of the German company "Siemens AG" and provides financing transactions at their own expense.

115184, Moscow, Bolshaya Tatarskaya street, d. 9,
tel: (495) 737-44-57 mob.: 8 (915) 138 63 12
Fax.: (495) 737-42-54
E-mail: moscow.ru.sfs@siemens.com