ARU 12

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ARU 12

Vertical packaging machine ARU-12

Intended for packing loose products in packages of polymeric films.
The main advantage: the ability to pack products in three-seam package and package doy-pack.

Packet types:

When setting the appropriate options:

  • doy-pack
  • doy-pack with creases ironed bottom
  • doy-pack with soldered folds bottom

Basic set:

  • - the forming device package fotomede


  • additional shaper package (the package type)
  • the system relock the package zipper
  • sysema relock the package Peel@Seal
  • thermal printer
  • punching «euroslot»
  • filling of the package with an inert gas
  • air displacement of package
  • the dust removal device
  • the device suction dust from package
  • the formation package for a given length
  • application of notches for opening the package



Threeseam package pillow

Threeseam package pillow


Снеки, крупы, чай, кофе, сухофрукты, семечки, замороженные продукты, специи, орехи, кондитерские изделия.


Низкая себестоимость, широко распространён, прост в использовании, хорош для горизонтальных витрин и холодильников.


Modern three-seam bags, bottom seam is hidden in the bottom of the package retains form (can be fitted with a resealable "Zipper")


Snacks, coffee, tea,spices, sunflower seeds


Modern design, attractive appearance, stable on the shelf and counter keeps its shape,Has no visible seams, so that quality can fully transmit images and text to the consumer.Because of the "standing" packages "doy pack" beneficial in terms of merchandising, take up little space on the counter of the store, easily recycled.

Sachet, three-seam

Flat three-seam bags, two cross stitch on each side, and one at the top of the package. (Can be fitted with a resealable "Zipper")


Tea, coffee, spices, sunflower seeds


Compact, modern design, ideal for small sized packages and bulk products, including to much dusting, powder, granular.Suitable for packaging in the box and to be positioned in the checkout areas of trade reticulum

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