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Packing Equipment

"TehPromPak" occupies a leading position in the domestic market of packing equipment . We offer a large range of products for the food industry, including packaging, packaging equipment for cereals, seeds and other bulk products. In this segment we are working since 2008 , supplying products to various regions of the Russian Federation. We had studied the preferences of buyers , so we know what packing equipment to offer our customers . Our experts can advise you on the choice of products, maximally adapted to the conditions of production.

Packing equipment from "TehPromPak" - a wide range of products at affordable prices.
We keep the bar high in terms of quality of our products , while trying to make it as accessible as possible for consumers. The cost of our packaging and packing equipment for bulk products and piece goods is installed on a democratic level. At the same time the efficiency of packing line is on a par with foreign counterparts . Favorable for buyers value for money packaging equipment ensures the steady increase in the number of our customers.
The company "TehPromPak" Over the years, has managed to establish itself as a reliable and responsible partner . We can offer filling packaging equipment for the tasks of any complexity. Our products can be used for packaging of various goods . Customers from Moscow and other Russian cities can buy packing equipment for sunflower seeds , cereals, tea, coffee, sugar, meat dumplings and much more. At the same time our products meet all the technical requirements of modern production.


Types of equipment:


Filling lines of «TehPromPak» have the following advantages:

  • Packaging equipment is reliable, high-performance and technologically advanced. Filling lines are easy to use and easy to manage;
  • With the release of packaging equipment quality components are used. We purchase items only from reputable manufacturers;
  • Packaging equipment is affordable cost and high performance. It promotes the growth of production and reduce the payback period for the purchase of cars.